Clean Technology 2009

Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes: Chirality Control, Capacity, Commercial Readiness

R. Jansen, P. Wallis
Southwest Nanotechnologies, US

Keywords: Nanotube, Chirality, Control, Scalable


The development of applications for Singlewall Carbon Nanotubes has been delayed heretofore for a variety of reasons. These include: a. Insufficient control of the characteristics, primarily chirality, of tubes made by methods that are commercially practical. b. Insufficient attention to quality control systems and metrology. c. Manufacturing processes that can be scaled to support large volume applications at suitable prices. Southwest Nanotechnologies has addressed each of these issues. Its CoMoCat® process allows the greatest degree of chiral control of any established synthesis process. Swent employs rigorous discipline to the characterization and consistency of its products. And Swent’s processes are completely scalable – substantial increases in capacity are accompanied by dramatic reductions in cost. Swent has, in fact, increased its capacity 100-fold at its new state-of-the-art facility in Norman, OK with a 90% cost reduction. With this in place, what is now required to take full advantage of these remarkable materials is further investment in applications development. SWNT have shown great promise for sensors, semiconductor devices, transparent electrodes, enhanced carbon fiber, smart textiles, conductive polymers, printed semiconductors and antennas, RFID, reinforced resins, etc. Southwest Nanotechnologies seeks partnerships and funding to develop these applications.
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