Clean Technology 2009

Optical Release of Hydrogen from Fullerenes as Storage Materials

V. Krishna, B. Koopman, B. Moudgil
University of Florida, US

Keywords: Laser, functionalized fullerenes, Fullerene hydride


A variety of materials, such as metals or complex hydrides, alanates and carbon nanostructures, are being studied for hydrogen storage. A material suitable for hydrogen storage should satisfy three basic requirements: high density storage of hydrogen; stability of stored hydrogen; and release of hydrogen from the material on demand at a relatively low energy input. Safe and efficient release of hydrogen remains a major challenge in hydrogen fuel systems. For example, carbon nanostructure based storage materials, which are designed to achieve hydrogen densities of up to 9.5 wt%, require high temperature (100–700°C) for hydrogen release. We have developed a method that utilizes a low-intensity laser to free hydrogen from hydrogen-containing fullerenes. This method can be used at ambient temperature and the rate of release may be controlled with laser intensity and duration. We have filed a PCT international application (UF#12718) for this technology.
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