Clean Technology 2009

(CANCELED) Low Loss Mechanical Flywheel Battery

W. Higdon, J. Kaliszewski, M. Powel
EES Holdings, US

Keywords: Renewable energy, battery


The LLMFB developed by EES is an “enabling technology” addressing the primary barrier to the development of renewable energy: storage. The EES LLMFB represents multiple patent pending technological advancements in the mechanical storage of electrical energy. The DOE Electric Advisory Committee, December 2008, stated that effective energy storage could improve the capacity of renewable energy development, primarily wind and solar, by 30%-50%. The integration of effective electrical storage utilizing the LLMFB represents “disruptive technology.” The EES LLMFB technology virtually eliminates eddy losses and hysteresis, reduces parasitic idling losses to less than 0.1% over a 24 cycle, is capable of 90%+ charge/discharge rates measured in tens of seconds and has a projected 20 year life cycle. The prototype has a capacity of 10kw. Computer modeling indicates the commercialized version will have capacity exceeding 100kw. Units can be linked in series or parallel with utility scale storage of 1gw possible. Price per kw/kwh will be cost competitive with chemical battery storage systems. There are no environmental impacts. The prototype is scheduled to enter the testing and validation phase by late May 2009 with commercial units available by 3Q 2010.
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