Clean Technology 2009

Telcordia Intelligent Network Modeling and Analysis for the Smart Grid

D. Famolari, G. Kiss, S. Leanheart, R. White
Telcordia Technologies Inc, US

Keywords: Smart Grid management signaling feedback closed-loop control


The evolution of an intelligent electric power grid will parallel the emergence of the intelligent telephone network (ITN) in the 1990’s. The key enabling technology for the ITN was the signaling and control network known as Signaling System Seven (SS7). The SS7 network provided a “closed loop” control capability. The capability to employ an integrated controlled “signaling and feedback” system tightly coupled to the national grid will increase capacity, improve robustness to failures, and increase efficiency while lowering costs. Telcordia’s expertise and experience will be invaluable to the massive undertaking required to architect, design, and deploy the Smart Grid. In this paper we relate the principles of ITN to the Smart Grid, and discuss key challenges.
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