Clean Technology 2009

Innovative Fabrication of High Energy Cathode Materials and Integrated, On-board Power Solutions

J.R. Pitts, E. Dayalan, A. J. Manning, I. Oladeji, C. Nelson
Planar Energy Devices, US

Keywords: Battery, Capacitor, Wireless Recharge


New generations of electronic devices, from on-board processors, sensors, and MEMs require increasing amounts of reliable power. Feature additions, as well as communication requirements add to the capacity and power drain requirements of the power source. Ideal solutions include secondary batteries capable of storing sizable amounts of energy with long charge retention, coupled with capacitors that can handle rapid power pulses and manage recharge functions. Planar Energy Devices has designed unique solutions to these requirements that include inexpensive deposition technologies for high energy cathode materials for batteries as well as integrating batteries with wireless recharge strategies. These can be implemented on a single, relatively compact board to provide integrated power solutions over a wide range of applications. Notably, the control circuitry and wireless recharge elements are compatible with printable electronics technologies, making the components compact and cost of production attractive.
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