Clean Technology 2009

Smart Communications for Smart Grids

P.G. Greenis
Adapt4, US

Keywords: Smart Grid, communications, cognitive radio, IP


As the electric utilities migrate to smart-grid technologies, initial investments will be for infrastructure in two-way communications, systems monitoring and control, operations monitoring and maintenance, and movement to a standard Internet Protocol (IP) based systems architecture. A major portion of the funding allocated for Smart Grids in the national stimulus package is slated for smart communication systems and hardware. Traditional communications systems include fiber, cable, cellular, satellite, wired (Telco), and wireless. These systems tend to be expensive either from the aspect of “recurring service fees”, lack of private network control, high integration costs, outages related to physical damage (backhoe, weather), interference, range limitations and lack of ability to co-mingle legacy devices and intelligent (addressable) devices on the same platform. Adapt4 would appreciate the opportunity to participate in Lockheed Martin’s Special Symposia, in the area of Smart Grid – Novel Technologies. Our cognitive radio technology is unique and could be the catalyst for combining; Command Control and Management; Sensing, Monitoring & Communications, Mesh networking, and Transmission & Distribution subsystems onto a common communications platform. To enhance the symposium, Adapt4 could incorporate a live demonstration of its radios into its presentation.
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