Clean Technology 2009

Highly Organized Large Scale Assembly of SWNT Architectures

B. Li, N-G. Cha, X. Xiong, Y.J. Jung, A. Busnaina, S. Somu
Northeastern University, US

Keywords: Carbon nanotubes, directed assembly, devices, nanomaterials, nanostructures


Employing directed assembly we have built highly organized and very large scale SWNT network architectures effectively in various dimensions, geometries and substrates. Due to the superior mechanical and electrical properties of the SWNTs these highly organized SWNT architectures have potential applications such as structured materials, highly conductive electrodes, flexible electronics, etc. Unlike random networks, aligned SWNT bundles have highly anisotropic electronic and thermal transport properties. This anisotropic property can be utilized to enhance the electrical and mechanical performance of SWNT bundle based devices and composites. Assembly techniques such as fluidic assembly and electrophoresis were employed to generate these architectures. The assembly of these SWNT architectures is achieved on 3 inch silicon substrates as well as flexible substrates such as parylene and polycarbonate. Large scale assembly of SWNTs on scales as large as 3 inches was accomplished. Utilizing these assembly techniques, we were able to assemble SWNTs over a large range of widths, the smallest being 120nm.
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