Clean Technology 2009

Vergent Energy: Energy Efficiency Platform

W.A. Maull, M. Steiner
Vergent Energy, US

Keywords: Energy Efficiency, SmartGrid


Vergent Energy: Energy Efficiency Platform The energy industry invested over $4 billion on energy efficiency programs and smart grid pilots in 2008 with considerable increases planned for the next several years. There is an enormous amount of data collected by multiple stakeholders and maintained on disparate systems. Stakeholders lack the ability to learn from existing programs and successful outcomes to understand cause and effect, design scalable solutions, and systematically measure outcomes across diverse populations. Vergent Energy is building an energy efficiency optimization platform for the energy and utility industry and its consumers. This will be the first consolidated environment that integrates data from across the industry onto a single platform. Advanced business analytics and data visualization tools will deliver customized information on demand to transform energy efficiency into a quantifiable, strategic resource. Vergent Energy’s initial focus is to deliver actionable intelligence and drive efficacy in energy efficiency programs through: • clear linkage of investments, consumer actions and outcomes • cost effective program design • incentives and financing structures • program measurement and verification Benefits accrue to all stakeholders through increased consumer adoption and predictable and quantifiable energy savings. Extended applications range from asset management of energy efficiency actions for utility demand planning, to energy efficiency ratings that support real estate valuations and transactions.
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