Clean Technology 2009

Prototype of Optimizable Commercial Modular Hydrogen Storage Device

T.O. Passel, T.B. Benson
H22go Inc, US

Keywords: hydrogen storage, nanoparticles, microspheres, smart grid


H22GO is a private laboratory in Mt. View, CA with many years’ hands-on experience with hydrogen transfer and storage. We have refined a set of “skunk works” hydrogen study capabilities, with laboratory systems that can be ramped up to commercially significant scales for fast screening of numerous candidate materials. Our small but effective staff has a pattern of a high percentage of funds directed into discovery, Principals: Thomas O. Passell, Nuclear Chemist. 50 years in the Science of Electric Power, including 1.5 years at National Reactor Testing Station,4 years at Lockeed-Martin, 22 Years at EPRI as project manager of hydrogen in metals research among others. Thomas B. Benson, Program Manager. 18 years in scientific software, complex algorithms, data collection, experimental design, laboratory management and administration. Other capabilities: Nano-particle metals; Electron Microscopy, History: We have reviewed a range of hydrogen research and developed and tested nano-scale metal/glass composites (Palladium/Nickel/Vycor/Porous Alumina) in an easy to build/scale steel chamber. We conclude that the metal-core glass micro spheres pioneered by Savannah River Technical Center, tested using a large array of metals, alloys, and morphologies, have excellent potential to optimize design for commercialization and deployment. Objective: Produce optimized working engineering prototype of modular passive hydrogen storage unit for smart grid backup/stabilization and vehicular use
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