Clean Technology 2009

Versatile Carbon Nanotube Coatings for ESD, Photovoltaics, and EMI Shielding

P.J. Glatkowski, M.J. O’Connell, E.P. Turevskaya, D.A. Britz
Eikos Inc, US

Keywords: transparent, conductive, nanotube, film, coating, printing, photovoltaics, solar


Materials that both conduct electricity and have optical transparency are of broad use to the defense community. Transparent conductors are integral components for static dissipation, displays, touch panels, solar cells, and EMI shielding. Over the past decade, Eikos Inc has been developing carbon nanotube-based coatings as a transparent and conductive material to fulfill these market needs. Nanotube coatings produced by Eikos exhibit >90% transparency from the UV to MWIR and volume conductivity of ~5,000 S/cm (2×10-4 Ω-cm). Because nanotube coatings are an open-pore network, they can be infiltrated with another material to enhance environmental or optical properties of the coatings. The resulting composite coating, known as Invisicon®, exhibits exemplary resistance to abrasion, heat, humidity, chemicals, ultraviolet light, and a wide range of radiation. Furthermore, Invisicon® is highly thermally stable, making them compatible with high temperature substrates and processes. Here, we will highlight our work on producing conductive and anti-reflective coatings for solar cells and aircraft canopies. In addition, we will demonstrate several deposition technologies that allow nanotube coatings to be applied in a continuous roll-to-roll process or onto large-area highly curved surfaces.
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