Clean Technology 2009

Higher Dielectric Nanotechnology-Based Electrical Insulations

P. Fabian, M. Hooker
Composite Technology Development, Inc., US

Keywords: high dielectric nano materials electric insulation composite


Recent interruptions to the U.S. electric grid have highlighted the need for an assured and secure electric grid. CTD has also been developing a new class of NANUQ nanotechnology-based electrical insulations that have 50% greater dielectric performance as compared to current state-of-the-art materials. This development is being funded by DOE under the High Temperature Superconducting device development effort, with a near term focus on the development of high-performance, low-volume, electrical terminations for superconducting power cables. These high dielectric materials can also be useful for insulating superconducting transformers, motors, generators, and fault current limiters. To ensure technology relevance, CTD is working with Southwire and Oak Ridge National Laboratory to design, build and test prototype terminations. Other Uses for This Technology Electrical insulation materials possessing higher dielectric properties can also provide value for other power grid and industrial applications by increasing their efficiency. This higher efficiency would be achieved by enabling higher voltage operation as well as reducing the volume necessary to provide the electrical stand-off required for the equipment. Furthermore, this nanomaterial-based technology possesses other highly desirable properties including reduced thermal expansion and improved mechanical properties, and together these properties can further improve system-level operational performance. Current DOE Contracts: • Nanocomposite Insulation for 2G Superconducting Wires, SBIR Phase I & II Key Technologies in this Area • NANUQ electrical insulating materials with higher dielectric properties
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