Clean Technology 2009

Introduction of Lithium Ion Capacitors

L.J. Myron, J. Banas
JSR Micro, Inc., US

Keywords: Ultra capacitor, Lithium Ion Capacitor, high energy density


JM Energy, a subsidiary of JSR Corp has developed a Lithium Ion Capacitor (LIC) which uses hybrid technology to provide an energy density which is 4 times greater than that of conventional EDLC supercapacitors. It also offers the safety, power and long cycle life typically associated with capacitors. Additionally LIC offers a higher maximum operating voltage of 3.8 volts and a significantly lower self-discharge rate of less than 5% after 3 months. The key to the technology is the doping of the anode with lithium ions which increases capacitance and the maximum voltage. LIC employs a thin, prismatic, form factor for maximum packaging efficiency. LIC’s form factor and its higher voltage and energy density provide significant weight and space savings. Compared to a module of cylindrical EDLC cells; an equivalent LIC module contains 33% fewer cells, weighs about 66% less and it’s volume is nearly 80% smaller. LIC’s are available in 350F to 2200F capacities with energy densities of 12-15 Wh/kg and 21-26 Wh/L. for applications in the: automotive (regenerative braking as well as start/stop applications), transportation, aerospace, UPS, & renewable energy industries. High volume production started in January at JM Energy’s new manufacturing and R&D facility in Yamanashi, Japan.
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