Clean Technology 2009

Bio-Battery: A Novel Micropower Source for Soldier Power and Portable Electronics

S. Singhal, J. Wei, C. Onwere, V. Svoboda
CFD Research Corp, US

Keywords: Bio-Battery, Energy Harvesting, Renewable Energy, Trickle Charging, Power, Enzyme Catalysis, Glucose, Carbon Nanotube, Green Power


The need for a renewable micropower source, has long been recognized, and is increasingly relevant in today’s mobile, energy hungry world. Conservative estimates of the power market, based on microelectronics needs alone, exceed several hundred million dollars. Applications are also foreseen in the life science area with implantable monitors and therapeutic and drug delivery systems. CFD Research Corporation is designing, fabricating and demonstrating a working Bio-Battery system to extract energy from biofuels that can power applications for both military needs such as Soldier power systems and civilian needs including cell phones, laptops, biomedical devices and environmental sensors. This Bio-Battery design will satisfy the need for a sustainable, renewable, lightweight power source to support an individual Soldier sensor suite. The Bio-Battery outperforms conventional fuel cells (and batteries) in weight and sustainablility. It also greatly improves on these micropower sources with a greater range of operating conditions (high temperature, acidity, toxicity), substantially reduced waste, and enhanced logistics.
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