Clean Technology 2009

Polyelectrolytes for fuel cells and Lithium polymer batteries

G. Maier, M. Gross, R. Gaertner, M.O. Hunt
Polymaterials AG, DE

Keywords: polyelectrolytes, membranes, fuel cells, li-polymer batteries


Polymaterials specializes on contract development of functional polymers and plastics. We cover the whole range of polymer development from chemical synthesis in our state-of-the-art chemistry labs to synthesis up to 5-10t per year to thermoplastic processing (compounding, extrusion, injection molding). Among other areas, we have developed a polymer electrolyte for potential use in Li polymer batteries. This polymer electrolyte does not contain any liquid plasticizers or cosolvents, and hence has the potential to reduce safety problems associated with Li ion batteries. At the same time, the Li ion conductivity of this material is in the range of 4x10^-4 S/cm at ambient temperature, comparable to conventional gel electrolytes. Also, we have developed a hydroxyl conducting polymer membrane for potential use in anionic membrane fuel cells. Such fuel cells have to potential to avoid Pt and similar expensive catalysts. The material is chemically stable in alkaline conditions at 60-70°C for up to 5000h and has a conductivity of 20-30mS/cm in the carbonate form am 60-70mS/cm in the OH form. However, it has not yet been tested in a fuel cell due to the lack of suitable anionic electrode materials/binders. For more information, see our website or contact us.
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