Clean Technology 2009

The PowerWrapper Supercapacitor as an Integrated Structural Component

T. Simmons, R. Wahi, C. Galande, S. Mehta, R. Miller
Paper Battery Company, US

Keywords: supercapacitor, flexible-power, shape-conforming, nanocomposite processing, structural component, embedded power


The Paper Battery Company (PBC) announces its intention to develop a thin flexible power storage system that is shape conforming and customizable within the field or the point of application. These thin, multilayered, shape conforming supercapcitors with over 10-Whr/Kg of energy are ideally suited for seamless integration into structural components and panels of applications such as wings and fuselages, backpack linings, and performance enhancement to existing portable power supplies. Such skin-like devices will be manufactured on established roll-to-roll printing platforms and provide a scalable power to our OEMs through adaptation of PBC’s proprietary multilayered architecture.
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