Clean Technology 2009

A123Systems - Smart Grid Ready Storage

C. Vartanian
A123Systems, US

Keywords: Nanophosphate, Li-ion, Grid, Battery, Storage


A123Systems’ Hybrid-Ancillary Power Unit (Hybrid-APU) grid stabilization battery storage system, based on A123System’s proprietary Nanophosphate technology, delivers grid scale Frequency Regulation and Spinning Reserves capacity. Within our Hybrid-APU, the equipment and systems are in place that can be leveraged to extend the range of the Hybrid-APU’s grid-supportive capabilities into a wider range of expanded services that draw on Smart Grid compliant equipment and concepts. Our presentation provides 1) an overview of A123System’s current 2 MW modular Hybrid-APU grid storage solution 2) discussion of the next set of targeted grid-supportive applications including renewable resource dynamic ramp management, and 3) a high level overview of the extensible attributes of our Hybrid-APU that are consistent with the characteristics of the emerging Smart Grid as delineated in the U.S. Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007.
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