Clean Technology 2009

A piezoelectric photovoltaic micropower generation (PPVMG) chip

Z. Gong, V. Koptipalli, C. O’Neal, L. Que
Lousiana Tech University, US

Keywords: photovoltaic, carbon nanotube thin film, micropower generation


A novel piezoelectric photovoltaic micropower generation (PPVMG) chip is proposed for the first time. This chip is based on the bending of a carbon nanotube film (CNF) upon illumination of light to deform a piezoelectric (PZT) cantilever, resulting in electric potential generation across the PZT layer. The fabrication process of this chip is compatible with microsensors, micro/nanosystems and integrated circuits (IC). Therefore, it can be co-fabricated with them on a single chip, offering self-powering capability. We anticipate that the PPVMG chip will have a significant impact on the self-operation capability of microsensors, microsystem and nanosystems and VLSI circuits, and can dramatically change the power supply method of wireless sensors for pervasive networks as well.
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