Clean Technology 2009

Novel Electrode/Catalysis Surfaces based on Ultrananocrysalline Diamond Films for High-Efficiency Fuel Cells

O. Auciello, A.V. Sumant, L.E. Ocola, D.C. Mancini, S. Tapia, J. Jellinek, C. Cabrera, Y. Ishikawa, G. Morell, R. Raptis, M.J. Yacamán
Argonne National Laboratory, US

Keywords: Ultrananocrystalline, diamond, fuel, cell


We are conducting a coordinated and comprehensive research program to address critical fundamental and applied science problems relevant to anode materials for hydrogen fuel cells and develop the technologies necessary to implement new materials, integration and device architecture strategies with potential to produce high-efficiency fuel cells. We are proposing to synthesize and characterize hydrogen oxidation electrocatalysts consisting of active metal nanoparticles covalently attached to robust conductive nanodiamond supports, first in the form of films and later as nanometer-scale particles embedded in an appropriate matrix. The composite materials proposed here provide novel platforms to investigate new fundamental catalysis science at the nanoscale that may result in substantial improvement in fuel cell operation, due to their inherently higher resistance to corrosion and CO and H2S poisoning, and more efficient use and performance of the nanostructured catalyst material.
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