Clean Technology 2009

Satcon Micro Grid Solutions

L. Casey, M. Levi
Satcon Technology Corporation, US

Keywords: Micro Grid Smart Grid


Satcon’s Micro-Grid solutions supply stable, high quality renewable power locally, at the point of demand. Our utility grade Micro Grid solutions are developed to solve the renewable energy challenges of intermittancy and power storage and ensure the grid load is always powered. Built on an architecture of PowerGate Plus photolvoltaic, fuel cell and hybrid inverter systems, they provide uninterupted utility grade renewable energy to deliver the energy security, reliability, safety, sustainability and cost effectiveness required for large scale utility adoption. Satcon’s Microgrid solutions are the distributed renewable building blocks for the future Smart Grid, a large scale system of distributed command and control centers composed of a dense network of interconnected micro grids. In this design, Satcon Micro Grids become the Smart Grid framework, enhancing network wide quality and performance by localizing speed, control and intelligence through renewable power conditioning.
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