Clean Technology 2009

A manufacturable low cost route to high efficiency Cu(ZnSn)S thin film solar cells fabrication on flexible substrates

I.O. Oladeji, C.R. Nelson
Sisom Thin Films LLC, US

Keywords: solar cell, nano-particle, self-assembled,thin film


The current fabrication sequence of most nano-manufacturing techniques involves numerous process steps, which tend to make this emerging manufacturing technique expensive. Sisom provides a disruptive alternative approach that eliminates most of the intermediate steps. At the core of our technology is the high rate, direct deposition of nano-particles of various materials on any substrate with zero waste using low capital cost and low operation cost SISOM Thin Films proprietary deposition system and processes. We have used the innovative SISOM system, named streaming process for electroless electrochemical deposition (SPEED) system, to gow Cu(SnZn)S (a material equivalent in properties yet cheaper than the traditional CuInGaSe) thin film solar cell absorber on flexible substrate. We will present the results of the work we have done so far on this new solar cell absorber, and provide a path for complete manufacturing of high efficiency Cu(ZnSn)S solar cells on flexible substrate using our proprietary low cost processes.
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