Clean Technology 2009

A Novel System for Smart Grid Monitoring and Management

A. Desai, H.P. Le, J. Singh
La Trobe University, AT

Keywords: smart energy management system, smart meters, real-time grid monitoring, persuasive technology


Peak energy consumption in domestic and industrial environments is growing exponentially as compared to the average usage during the day. This is a very significant problem as continued growth at current rates will require power plants to be built/upgraded at unprecedented rates to avoid severe consequences such as power outages or load shedding. It will be more cost effective to evenly balance the energy usage through the day or to enhance grid monitoring and management than to increase the generation capacity of power plants. Centre for Technology Infusion at La Trobe University and Semitech Innovations have deployed a Smart Energy Monitoring and Load Management pilot at the University’s R&D Park. The pilot project includes installation of 30 smart meters and a data concentrator with interactive user-interface software based on context. The pilot project is an effort to contribute towards the reduction of both average and peak energy consumption while contributing to the development of the next-generation smart living environment. The pilot includes complete automation of measurement and management of power consumption of an entire building in the Technology Enterprise Centre, which demonstrates an effective model for the next generation of modeling, monitoring and management technology for smart grid deployment.
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