Clean Technology 2009

Segregated Membrane Continuous CNT Synthesis

G.L. Hornyak, M.T. Burke, M.T. Lusk
NanoThread Inc., US

Keywords: membrane, template, continuous, sensors, composites


NanoThread Inc. is developing a manufacturing process for highly purified Carbon Nanotubes, both Single-Walled and Multi-Walled Nanotubes (SWNTs and MWNTs) by a unique and revolutionary process that will yield continuous CNTs of any length desired, potentially with control of chiralty and therefore electrical and physical properties. The process results in CNTs requiring very little cleanup and therefore will be of much lower cost, resulting in a product that is not only unique but also affordable for a variety of applications. The Company also plans to spin and braid continuous CNTs into threads and larger linear structures and to manufacture certain end products from those structures. Truly long CNTs will provide significantly improved properties to composites used for aircraft and spacecraft construction. A patent application has been filed on the process and potential applications.
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