Clean Technology 2009

EMI Shielding

D. Lashmore, T. VanVechten, M. White, B. White
Nanocomp Technologies Inc., US

Keywords: EMI, Wiring harness, satillites, aircraft, microwave, x-band


Nanocomp has developed a very large scale process for fabrication of SWCNT and DWCNT rolls of prepregged textiles for wiring harnesses and shielding and for other EMI related aerospace applications. It is shown that CNT materials can save up to 40% by weight for an aerospace wiring harness and that these CNT harnesses can outperform traditional copper based technologies. Further the large sheet formats and proprietary seaming technology potentially enable significant weight savings without the presence of nickel. Surface resistance for a 15 g/m2 specimen can vary depending on surface treatment with typical values around 0.3 ohms/square.
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