Clean Technology 2009

Fudamentals of Supercapacitors and Applications

V.E. Fortov, A.A. Denshikov, E.E. Son
Joint Institute for High Temperature Rassian Academy of Sciences, RU

Keywords: supercapacitors, simulation, applications


Sipercapacitors invented in Russia are investigated to reach extraordinary parameters. Creation of double layer mathematical model on the basis of thermodynamics, elector-kinetic and molecular dynamics. Interactions between the elements of porous material and electrolyte are considererd. We found the dependence of the double layer capacitance from the following factors: - Porous material characteristics; - Electrolyte composition and concentration of its components; - Double layer loading regimes; - operational conditions. Directions of our efforts to increase supercapacitors power characteristics are in - reduction of weight of structural, sealing and insulation materials - Replacement of metal current collector by the one made of a carbon material - Change of active mass production technology - Usage of non-toxic organic electrolytes with decomposition voltage over 4.0 Volt SUPERCAPACITORS MARKET DEVELOPEMENT AND MOTIVATION presented
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