Clean Technology 2009

Emission Control Technology for Wood Burning Fireplaces

D. Kelly, R. Allred
Clear Skies Unlimited Inc., US

Keywords: fireplace, emissions, wood smoke, air quality


In order to comply with the Clean Air Act and the National Ambient Air Quality Standard (NAAQS), the US Environmental Protection Agency has introduced a regulation that will require all wood burning fireplaces to meet a Phase 1 emissions standard of 7.3 g/kg of particulates and within three years a Phase 2 limit of 5.1 g/kg. This regulation is projected to go into effect in March of 2009. US EPA readily admits that, although there are Advanced Combustion Technologies for low mass fireplaces (inserts), there has not been a technological solution to the air pollution problems associated with the 16 million wood burning masonry fireplaces currently in use …. UNTIL NOW! Clear Skies Unlimited Inc. has successfully developed a masonry fireplace emission control retro-fit technology that reduces particulate emissions in wood burning masonry fireplaces by as much as 90%. The HearthCAT™ system is catalytic and employs a smoke capture hood to isolate the offensive pollutants and wood smoke. The system is easily installed, requires little or no maintenance and is affordable to the consumer.
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