Clean Technology 2009

Energy Efficient Strategies for Hot and Humid Climates

D. Mills

Keywords: hot, humid, energy, efficiency, sustainable design


The building sector uses more energy and contributes more green house gas emissions than any other sector. Increasing new and existing buildings energy efficiency must be a critical pathway in our efforts to mitigate global warming. This issue is especially pressing in Houston due to its extremely hot and humid climate where high amounts of energy each year are expended on cooling buildings. There are many strategies and technologies that can be incorporated into the design and construction of new buildings to improve energy efficiency. Energy efficient design is an interdisciplinary effort that builds on the fundamentals of good architecture and engineering practices and stretches to the cutting edge of technology. This presentation board will explore specific architectural, HVAC, electrical, and plumbing strategies that can be incorporated into the design and operations of a building to improve energy efficiency in hot and humid climates. This board will focus on new construction, but many of the approaches and technologies outlined can be incorporated into the renovation and greening of existing buildings.
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