Clean Technology 2009

Energy Efficiency: The Consumer is the Strategic Driver

W.A. Maull Jr., M. Steiner
Vergent Energy, US

Keywords: strategy, best practices, energy efficiency, smartgrid, renewable energy


The energy industry has invested billions of dollars on energy efficiency programs and smart grid pilots. Early activity has resulted in measurable efficiency gains that enable the utilities to serve broader service needs with existing infrastructure. To expand energy efficiency as a business, continued gains will require greater industry investment and increased consumer engagement. Vergent Energy is working with its clients to adapt cross industry best practices to expand energy efficiency strategies and programs, track outcomes and establish a roadmap for success and continuous improvement. We will share consumer input that describes the state of consumer energy efficiency activities in the US market today. We will further illustrate how quantifiable, predictive consumer data is being used to direct strategy that drives consumer action and helps utilities meet energy efficiency goals and make productive ‘no regrets’ investments.
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