Clean Technology 2009

(CANCELED) Understanding the different technologies and applications for solar energy

M. Moore
SCHOTT North America, Inc., US

Keywords: solar, PV, Thin-film, CSP, solar water heating, installations, commercial, residential, utility-scale


This presentation will critically examine the different types of solar power generation; their costs, efficiencies, and best-suited applications. A perfect primer for individuals seeking an understanding on the broad array of solar solutions currently available to the market and will discuss upcoming market trends. The presentation will discuss market trends, and market opportunities not only for installers, but also utilities and component suppliers looking to break into the burgeoning solar industry. The presenter, Mac Moore, is Director of Business Development for SCHOTT Solar, Inc. the North American arm of a globally leading manufacturer of solar products. SCHOTT Solar is uniquely positioned in the market as it produces innovative products for almost all areas of solar energy generation: PV, thin-film, and parabolic trough Concentrated Solar Power.
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