Clean Technology 2009

Hyperion Power Generation: Energy to Save the World

J.R. Grizz Deal
Hyperion Power Generation, US

Keywords: small reactors, uranium hydride


The Hyperion Power Module Hyperion Power Generation is commercializing an innovative source of thermal power, based on an original design created at Los Alamos National Laboratory. The Hyperion Power Module, a self-contained, self-regulating reactor, is breaking new ground in the nuclear industry and filling a heretofore unmet need for moderately-sized power applications either distributed or dedicated. Employing proven science in a new way, Hyperion provides a safe, clean power solution for remote locations or locations that must currently employ less than satisfactory alternatives. For the first time, the advantages of nuclear power—efficient, cheaper, non-polluting with no greenhouse gas emissions—are available for remote locations without designing and building individual, massive, and costly conventional power plants. Conventional reactors cost billions of dollars to build and are designed to serve large regions. The Hyperion “Power Module” was specifically designed for applications in remote areas where cost, safety, and security is of concern. Generating nearly 70 megawatts of thermal energy and from 25 to 30 megawatts of electrical energy, the Power Module is the world’s first small mobile reactor, taking advantage of the natural laws of chemistry and physics and leveraging all of the engineering and technology advancements made over the last fifty years. Hyperion was invented at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Through the U.S. government’s technology transfer initiative, the exclusive license to develop and commercialize the invention has been granted to Santa Fe, New Mexico-based Hyperion Power Generation, Inc. (HPG). The company has now retained the nation’s top nuclear power design and engineering teams, including staff from U.S. federal laboratories, to further develop the reactor. HPG will partner with industrial leaders for the production, operation, and maintenance of Hyperion reactors. There are four main applications for the Hyperion reactor: • Military bases (independent, baseload power); • Oil & gas recovery and refining, including in oil sands and shale recovery; • Remote communities lacking accessibility to a source of electrical generation; • Quickly installed back-up and emergency power for disaster areas. The development of Hyperion is important because it will help: • The U.S. Economy: Hyperion will secure a new industry for the United States. Hyperion can also play an important role in reducing dependence on foreign oil. • National Security: Hyperion can make military installations independent of local electrical grids. • The Environment: Hyperion’s clean nuclear power can replace the pollution and greenhouse gas-emitting fossil fuels in many applications. • Humanity: Hyperion provides a safe, non-polluting manner in which to provide electric power to remote regions for pumping and cleaning water. The lack of clean water is at the root of poverty and societal instability.
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