Clean Technology 2009

World’s First Hybrid Tug

S. Hayman
Foss Maritime Company, US

Keywords: hybrid, tug, boat, marine, diesel


The world’s first and only hybrid tugboat was constructed by Foss Maritime and was delivered in December 2008. It will be operated by Foss in San Pedro Harbor starting January 2009. This tug uses a battery bank, smaller main diesel engines and auxilary engines. Tugs spend the majority of their time at idle or at the inefficient low end of the power curve. The energy management system allows for the optimization of power sources so the tug will be operating the majority of time on batteries and generators. Batteries can be recharged using shorepower. Fuel savings are estimated at 30% and cost savings include a significant reduction in maintenance costs. NOx and PMs will be reduced by 44% without sacrificing the total horsepower when needed. On the rare occasions when the tug needs its full 5,080 horsepower all mechanical and electrical systems are utilized to provide the full power and bollard pull of its sister tugs.
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