Clean Technology 2009

Accelerating Change in the Power Grid Infrastructure

S. Toteda
Dust Networks, Inc., US

Keywords: smart grid, mesh networks, low power lossy networks, smart dust, time synchronized mesh protocol


There are a multitude of initiatives working towards the upgrade and improvement of the North American power grid, in essence creating a “Smart Grid”. Central to this is the need for advanced technologies and standards to integrate intelligent equipment across not just the network, but across multiple affected industries. These standards must include the networking protocols as well as the “language” that will be used by the equipment. Fundamental to the networking protocols are the following: the underlying technology will undoubtedly be wireless, the use of IP addressing and routing is inevitable, and the solutions must work reliably. The basic time synchronized approach using wireless channel hopping with intelligent network management being adopted in several industries is key to a more reliable, integrated and interoperable grid.
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