Clean Technology 2009

Thermochemical Water Splitting

M. Willert-Porada, T. Gerdes, J. Thiessen
University of Bayreuth, DE

Keywords: biomass, SIR process, hydrogen


Numerous new processes are considered to replace hydrogen generation from hydrocarbon reforming, which is the major source of large scale hydrogen production but economically tightly connected with chemical and petrochemical industry, the major consumers of hydrogen. In future, hydrogen will play an important role as energy storage chemical and fuel for de-centralised electricity generation, therefore new processes are becoming increasingly interesting, to produce hydrogen at small and medium scale “on –site” and “on demand”. Although the principles of such processes are known for long tome, their efficient implementation requires new materials. The paper will present the material development and the performance of such materials for a processes for hydrogen production based on a free available resource, which could in future be utilised for hydrogen production: waste biomass. Hydrogen production by using steam and iron as the active chemical reactant has been studied for quite a while. The process is particularly interesting for small and medium scale installations, because it could utilise waste biomass is as source of a crude syn-gas, needed to reduce iron oxide, which is than oxidised to yield hydrogen.
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