Clean Technology 2009

Think Outside the Battery: Improving Efficiency without Recreating the Wheel

R. Slavens
Active Power, Inc., US

Keywords: energy storage technology, flywheel


Facility managers are crippled by energy costs and energy consumption. For data center applications, Gartner estimates ‘by 2010 nearly half of the Forbes Global 2000 companies will spend more on energy than on hardware such as servers.’ Gartner also predicts energy costs will increase dramatically possibly consuming 50 percent of the average IT budget – a 500 percent increase over current levels! Achieving energy efficiency starts at the design phase. The challenge is in identifying more efficient systems. The presenter will discuss the use of flywheel energy storage technology as an alternative solution to batteries for uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems for mission critical applications. These reliable, power dense solutions offer higher energy efficiencies, which reduce energy consumption and positively impact bottom line energy costs. Due to their high energy efficiency, flywheel based systems also draw less power from the public utility, which helps eliminate CO2 emissions. Come hear why this economically green technology is being considered and selected for deployment in data centers, healthcare facilities and industrial buildings, and what criteria should be considered before choosing a flywheel based system.
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