Clean Technology 2009

Federal Policy Changes to Advance Energy Efficiency

D. Wooley
Energy Foundation, US

Keywords: energy efficiency, federal, policy, climate


This presentation will explore federal policy changes in the next administration that are needed to leverage robust energy efficiency standards. Energy efficiency is potentially the fastest and cheapest greenhouse gas emission reduction strategy. Despite this, energy efficiency receives little attention from policymakers, industry, advocates, and the public because the policies are less tangible and more arcane than common GHG mitigation measures. In order to meet climate mitigation goals, it is critical that we seize today’s unique confluence of high fossil fuel prices, concern over climate, and desire to control electricity costs. There will be strong momentum in the new administration to do something on energy outside of federal carbon regulation. David Wooley will identify: (1) principle federal policy changes needed to significantly increase investment in efficiency systems for homes, businesses, and industry: and (2) strategies for policy adoption. Such policies may include: Energy Efficiency Resource Standard; allocation of carbon auction revenues; demand side response integration in regional transmission markets; appliance standards; and building codes.
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