Clean Technology 2009

Enviroquip Membrane Bioreactor Systems – Novel Wastewater Treatment Process for Enhanced Nutrient Removal

K. Zhang, C. Lewis, M. Swanson, A. Ball
Enviroquip, US

Keywords: enhanced nutrient removal, enviroquip MBR, SymBio, wastewater treatment


Traditional wastewater treatment technologies are not sufficient in protecting sensitive receiving waters. Agencies are required to meet Enhanced Nutrient Removal (ENR) limits that are increasingly difficult to achieve (e.g. 3.0mgN/l and 0.1mgP/l). Various techniques are being explored for ENR. Enviroquip, a division of EIMCO Water Technologies, offers a novel membrane bioreactor (MBR) system that has been proven to successfully and cost-effectively achieve ENR by combining BNR and membrane filtration processes in over 2,500 wastewater treatment plants worldwide. This paper highlights the technical advantages of using Enviroquip MBR for enhanced nutrient removal.
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