Clean Technology 2009

(CANCELED) Green – Why and How to Jump on the Speeding Band-Wagon

S. Vassallo
Foundation Capital, US

Keywords: green building, green construction, green building materials


In this session, Steve Vassallo, General Partner and lead of Clean Technology of Foundation Capital will share a timely perspective on what’s happening in the green market, noting trends and key players, the best in green building offerings and the cost effectiveness and energy efficiency for green investments in our homes and office buildings. In the current economic downturn, Paul will share his perspective on how cleantech investing still proves to be a smart bet. Two-thirds of today’s energy is wasted, and the only way this problem will be solved is through making adjustments to things that are around us everyday, such as the components that make up our homes and office buildings. With a recent push for energy efficiency in many aspects of our life, technologists, developers and consumers alike have become cognizant of their role in taking down high energy costs and stopping global warming. The recent study by the World Building Council revealed that green building is expected to double among early adopters in 45 countries around the world – and for good reason. Whether for eco-friendly consciousness, corporate reputation, or corporate social responsibility, consumers and corporations alike are investing now to sustain later. As market activity grows, there is more evidence that corporate investors are seeing greater returns in sales, workforce and consumer loyalty as a result of their green commitment, thus making green a critical business advantage.
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