Clean Technology 2009

A Study of Water Generated Electric Turbines

J. Sutton
JC Oil and Gas Consultants, LLC, US

Keywords: water turbines


The following paragraphs will deal with the preliminary outline of the study being conducted by JC OIL AND GAS CONSULTANTS, LLC as part of an overall Green Studies Group in Charleston, South Carolina. Charleston, South Carolina, and other coastal communities have an abundance of water energy created through natural current, and tidal action of local bodies of water. The body of water currently being considered for preliminary study is the Charleston Harbor, and Ocean outlets. While the planning for the studies is currently in a very preliminary stage, it is our intent to use contacts developed through the Clean Technology Symposium, and meetings, and email updates to contact specific companies, world wide, that have begun similar development of the physical turbine plants, and infrastructure for production of clean electric water sources. At this time there are very few realistic models for us to work with. The principal energy development programs, have focused on Wind, Solar, Geothermal, and similar land based studies. As such it has been difficult, even with Google type search engines to locate, and prequalify existing efforts from qualified, and funded company programs interested in focusing on the use of water based currents, and tidal movements as a basis for development of alternative energy sources. JCOG has been contracted, and representatives will be attending the May symposium in Houston, to help locate and discuss potential financial support, and existing physical plants that are being developed by companies interested in developing a research, and qualification project in the Charleston, South Carolina tidal basins. With that objective in mind, JCOG will entertain early contacts with any group that feels they would be able to assist with funding, logistics, engineering, and product options for water generated electric studies. Please contact, Sr. Manager, Justin Sutton at: The Charleston, S.C. Green Energy Committee is available for additional discussions. This would include areas that have predetermined potential, the local support to be offered, and the participation of local utilities in the development of the test project. We look forward to the next contacts to be developed through this initial description of project intent.
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