Clean Technology 2009

Continuously Variable Transmission Technology Driving Efficiency Gains

S. Schaaf
Orbital Traction, Ltd., US

Keywords: CVT, continuously variable transmission, motion control, fuel efficiency


Orbital Traction Limited, a Texas limited partnership with headquarters based in Houston, is a technology development company formed to develop and commercialize a unique transmission technology, the Milner Continuously Variable Transmission (MCVT). Continuously variable transmissions (CVTs) provide significant benefits over fixed gear transmissions in their ability to optimize power output by offering step-less shifting between gear ratios. This characteristic enables significant increases in efficiency over traditional geared transmissions by enabling optimum engine or motor performance. Orbital’s MCVT technology provides significant advantages over traditional geared transmissions and, as it requires no external hydraulics, over other types of CVTs as well. Improved transmission technology is the focus of many current industry efforts as it is viewed as a path to significant gains in vehicle energy efficiency. The MCVT’s characteristics are well suited for a large range of products and should enable vehicle manufacturers to make meaningful gains in energy efficiency while maintaining or improving the performance of their products.
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