Clean Technology 2009

Novel Packaging Designs to Reduce the Energy Consumption of HVAC Air Filters

R. Sothen, B. Tatarchuk
Auburn University, US

Keywords: HVAC, Air Filter, Reduced Energy Consumption


High resistance filtration media are commonly housed in a pleated filter in order to reduce the energy consumption. By folding the media into a corrugated arrangement, the face velocity and subsequently the pressure drop across the material is reduced. Multi-Element Structured Arrays (MESA’s) represent a new approach that expanses on a pleated filter’s premise. MESA’s consist of numerous pleated filters mounted into a single, corrugated arrangement to further reduce the face velocity and pressure drop across the system. The unique arrangement allows filtration units to incorporate significantly more media while operating at a fraction of a traditional pleated filter’s resistance. A semi-empirical model was developed capable of estimating a MESA’s flow resistance as a function of face velocity to within ten percent of empirically observed data. The model can be employed to design filters from traditional and dual-functioning media that minimize the overall energy consumption of the system.
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