Clean Technology 2009

CatLiq- A second generation technology for liquid bio fuels

S.B. Iversen, A. Rudolf, G. Olofsson, M.O. Nielsen
SCF Technologies A/S, DK

Keywords: biomass, waste, bio oil, liquid bio fuels, second generation


CatLiq® is a novel second generation technology for conversion of a wide range of biomass and wastes to a storable bio oil. The biomass is converted in the presence of water at high pressure and temperature, and a proprietary combination of catalysts. Under these conditions water is very reactive thus resulting in high conversion rates of the organic fraction and a high through-put. The process is well suited for conversion of wet biomass and thus removes the need for energy consuming processes such as evaporation or drying before processing which overall improves the energy efficiency considerably. The paper will describe the successful testing and experiences with different feedstock in scales from 30 to 100 kg/hr. The technology is ready for scale-up to large scale, and the further road to commercialization for this promising new technology will be addressed. This road map includes a smaller scale commercial demonstration plant in Denmark which will come on stream in the first half of 2009.
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