Clean Technology 2009

Energy-Optimized Crops: A Key to Low-Cost Biofuels

B.W. Ferguson
Edenspace Systems Corporation, US

Keywords: cellulosic, biomass, non-food, biofuels, bioengineer


Edenspace is a leader in crop biotechnology for renewable fuels. With projects throughout the United States, the company plans to generate revenues and cash flow by licensing its crop biotech traits and selling bioengineered seeds. It is currently developing its first energy crop, Energy Corn, with the goal of reducing by more than $1.20 per gallon the cost of producing cellulosic ethanol and butanol from non-food corn cobs, husks, leaves and stems. Edenspace’s primary focus is to become a leading supplier of crops containing bioengineered “endoplant” enzymes for cellulosic biofuels. Endoplant enzymes (as compared to enzymes produced in microbial bioreactors) facilitate reduction of capital costs and operating costs of pretreatment and saccharification. The company’s energy crops will benefit the farmer with greater profits, the biorefinery with lower costs and the consumer with lower fuel costs and environmental sustainability from “non-food” ethanol.
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