Clean Technology 2009

Sustainable Facility Solutions beyond LEED

D. von Below, J. Ostafi
Flad Architects, US

Keywords: LEED, sustainable design, architecture, renewable energy


Flad Architects, one of the world’s leading renewable energy research design practices, is currently designing a preeminent renewable energy laboratory in the tropics. Operating research and development laboratories in an equatorial environment poses extraordinary energy performance challenges. Planning a significant world-class LEED™ Platinum (plus) rated building in a developing nation not only demands a new look at how to reduce energy utilization but also creates an opportunity to implement innovative green construction methods and recycling programs in a part of the world that traditionally does not promote them. The Renewable Energy Laboratory (REL) addresses fundamental research and development projects searching for clean, plentiful, reliable and renewable sources of energy. In the process, the project team is attempting to achieve a LEED v2.2 Platinum rating and beyond in the process. Our proposed presentation will outline the design approach to this innovative laboratory and discuss specifics on the sustainable design elements.
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