Clean Technology 2009

Policy Evaluation for Combined Heat & Power in Texas and Region

R. Herweck, D. Bullock
Texas Combined Heat & Power Initiative, US

Keywords: CHP, energy efficiency, security, economics, public policy


CHP Policy and Regulation The Texas CHP Initiative has adopted its Legislative Action Plan for 2009. We are working with government officials to raise awareness about public policies and laws that pertain to CHP projects. Barriers to CHP Texas may result in lost business opportunities, wasted energy, poor air quality and reduced energy security. Action Plan The Texas CHP Initiative has adopted a legislative agenda with the following elements: * CHP Standard (e.g., a portfolio standard or a standard offer program) to promote the energy efficiency available through CHP * Clean air policies that properly capture the benefits of EE/CHP * Statewide CHP for critical infrastructure: life support, food, shelter, communications * Consumer awareness and education
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