Clean Technology 2009

Emerging Technologies likely to Impact Commercial Building’s Energy Efficiency

S.L. Pearson, K.M. Closson
Nerac, US

Keywords: emerging technology, energy, commercial buildings, planning, best practices, payback period


Many innovative technologies are reported as having the ability to save commercial buildings and factories lots of energy and money. The number and differing claims of these innovations can confound our energy planning decisions as we try to determine which ones are likely to become commercially available, when they might become available, which will be appropriate for our own unique situations and which will have faster payback periods than other competing innovations. The difficulty in making these decisions is often complicated by several factors including a lack of information, information which isn’t readily verifiable or isn’t easily comparable to other innovations. Ultimately, these complications delay an effective and timely decision on whether we should alter or delay our plans for reducing our energy usage. This paper will identify a number of promising innovative technologies and establish a framework for determining which technologies or products might be suitable for the varying and unique circumstances of commercial buildings. Best practice information will be provided to help drive the decision process for which energy saving projects should be undertaken during the lag time that occurs before innovative technologies can mature into commercially available products.
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