Clean Technology 2009

Waste Solutions Ltd Company Profile

S. Connaughton, B. Chapman, N. Clarke
Waste Soultions Ltd, NZ

Keywords: biogas, bioenergy, renewable, innovative, economic


To be considered for oral presentation please Waste Solutions has been involved in the development and design of anaerobic digestion processes for methane extraction from waste materials for over 35 years. Consequently, we have developed an innovative, low cost, reliable and efficient anaerobic reactor. Our unique, trademarked Cigar® system represents the best value, most robust and highest yield Biogas system on the market. Currently Cigar® technology has been widely deployed in Asia, providing many successful demonstrations of reliable low-cost anaerobic digestion and waste-to-energy systems for large scale industrial applications. This presentation will demonstrate the advantages of the robust and low cost Cigar® system describing several case studies which use different waste streams and have different applications for the produced biogas. Three different facilities treating diverse wastes will be described in detail. Each of which utilize the produced biogas for boiler fuel, electricity generation and CDM revenue. Key parameters of each system will be provided, along with an economic overview.
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