Clean Technology 2009

Agriculture Green House Gas (GHG) Soil Sequestering Standard Development

G. Delong
Novecta, US

Keywords: soil sequestering, carbon, GHG


Novecta has organized a 40 member committee to write a standard to be potentially be audited by the USDA Agriculture Marketing Service (AMS). This will provide a third party audit to current systems that are currently self certified. The standard will audit verifiers and aggregators while oversight will be the USDA AMS branch. This will provide confidence with the market place that soil sequestering of carbon and other GHG is being done and validated. The scope of the standard agreed upon by the committee is: A soil based standard that addresses the net change in greenhouse gas in the soil and the soil interface, including fuel used directly for production, and the changes that occur because of agricultural production practices and nutrient management plans. The committee has currently met twice and a draft standard will be available for public comment in February of 2009. The committee is using current guidance for writing standards with full disclosers and inviting other groups to join the efforts to write this industry driving work. Novecta is a joint venture company of the Iowa and Illinois Corn Growers Associations. Novecta is active in auditing and implementing quality management systems in agriculture in grains and grain processing throughout the U.S. and Asia.
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