Clean Technology 2009

Analytical Tools for LEED

V.V. Potnis
Green Building Services, Inc, US

Keywords: energy modeling, analystical tools, LEED


The design of high-performance buildings requires an extra level of effort on the part of the design team. To meet all the criteria for such buildings a project calls for advanced methods and tools for analysis and virtual prototyping before design decisions are made. This presentation gives an overview of the different tools available to the design team, how they support the team’s efforts to meet set criteria especially related to the LEED® rating system and give examples of some actual applications where these methods and technologies have been successfully applied. The session will focus on tools related to – 1. Whole building energy analysis – Energy and Atmosphere category 2. Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) – Thermal comfort and ventilation effectiveness credits 3. Daylight analysis – Daylight and views credits, optimize energy performance credits
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