Clean Technology 2009

State of the Art of Biofuel Technologies

A.D. Propp
Merrick & Company, US

Keywords: biofuel, cellulosic ethanol, biomass


RE: Abstract -- Overview of the State of the Art of Next-Generation Biofuels Technologies By: Alan Propp, Ph.D., P.E. Merrick & Company is engaged in a DOE-sponsored study of all available biomass-to-liquid fuel technologies. This ongoing study is focused on identifying and selecting the best available technology (ies) for converting wood waste from timber operations into liquid fuels. We have sent out over fifty requests for information to potential technology providers, and through this process have gained an industry-wide perspective on the current state of the art. The presentation will give an overview of technologies that have been at least pilot-tested. These technologies may have applications throughout the biofuels industry – not limited to wood waste. Without naming the companies or revealing any proprietary information I will give an up do date overview of up and coming technologies and what attendees should expect to see in the coming eighteen months with regard to their deployment.
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