Clean Technology 2009

New Large-Scale Cost-Effective Minerologic Carbon Sequestration with beneficial reuse

K. Self
Calera Corporation, US

Keywords: CCS, Carbon Capture, Carbon Sequestration, Clean Coal, Carbonate, Mineralogic Sequestration


Mineralogic Carbon Sequestration with beneficial provides a sound and cost-effective alternative to Geologic Sequestration and Terrestrial Sequestration. By chemically bonding carbon dioxide into carbonate minerals, Mineralogic Sequestration permanently converts CO2 into a mineral form which can be stored above-ground, on the floor of the ocean, pumped underground, or used as a building material. The process has the potential to trap all the carbon dioxide from all the flue gas emitted by all the power plants in the world and convert it into concrete and other building materials. It also has the potential to improve the viability of coal as energy source for power generation, while saving the planet from global warming. An overview of the process along with the economics of sequestration of carbon dioxide into the built environment will be presented.
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