Clean Technology 2009

Natural Solutions to Energy Sustainability through Common Botanical Application

P.G. Korth
President Sustainable Technology Systems, Inc., US

Keywords: bioenergy, biofuels, fuel etahnol, sustainability, economic development, renewable, energy security, merging technologies


Presenting a commercial program to optimize bioenergy, remediate wastewater, and impact soil amelioration for communities through a methodology suitable for global adoption. Farming cattails in a flooded row crop adjacent to municipal wastewater treatment provides a safety-net of security for fuel availability. Affordable equipment design merges parabolic solar energy, gasification of invasive species, and waste from sewerage. Remediation reduces toxins, heavy metals, and drugs from wastewater. Building soil from sludge transforms barren land into fertile acres to grow additional energy and non-food crops. A conservation alliance with the United States Forest Service and team of specialty associates apply novel industry methodologies assuring rural economic development, homeland security, and solutions to community self-sufficiency. Spent feedstock residue extraction of pulp and fiber opens new industry opportunities to the building materials and paper industries. Over a thousand gallons of fuel ethanol per acre plus numerous benefits provide ongoing affordable renewable energy. Feasibility studies provide operating formats for global application compliance reducing surface flow pollution of non-potable water through remediation with unique harvesting equipment. Methodology includes academic validation. Beneficial processes bring new low-cost practicality sustaining affordable quality-of-life programs and first responder fuel security.
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